In the place where the Way of Light will be celebrated the Easter candle, the Evangelistary open to the stories of the resurrection, and a flower composition, symbol of life, must be prepared


C. In the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit.
T.  Amen.

C. Life is a never-ending journey.  We are not alone in this journey.  The Risen has promised:  "I will be with you always, to the end of the age." (Mt, 28,20).  Life must be a journey of constant resurrection.  We are united here, brothers and sisters, to become aware of our life as an Easter itinerary with the Risen that lights our way.
A scribe once said to the Teacher:  "I am ready to go with you wherever you go." (Mt 8,19).  Wherever:  on the Calvary, along the Way of the Cross; through the roads of the world, along the Way of Light.  We will rediscover resurrection as the source of peace, as the energy of joy, as the stimulus to the novelty of history.  We will hear it proclaimed in the biblical text and amplified in the updating to our today, which is God's "today".

Introduction to prayer

G. Living is walking along the paths of time.  The journey has some stops.  Even the Risen, right after that big bang of the new world, didn't sit on the imperial throne.  He started walking on our roads.  And his journey has fourteen stops:  it is the Way of light, itinerary which is symmetrical to the Way of the Cross.  We will walk them.  To remember his.  To plan ours.  Christian life is in fact witnessing him, Jesus risen.  And to witness means to imitate.  It means to irradiate.  It means to show.  It means to stimulate to act.  With the language of facts, that is the most convincing.
To be a witness to the Risen means to realize convincing signs of a full life:  to be every day more joyful, more courageous, more active.  Therefore, younger.  Whatever the age.
Youth is the Way of light.  It is Easter hope.  It is the novelty of the world. 

C. Let us pray.  Shed over us, o Father, your Spirit of light, so we may penetrate your Only Child's mystery of  Easter, that marks the true destiny of man.  That is not the end of everything, but the novelty of everything.  Because the last word is yours, o Father, you bring us children from death to life.  Give us the Spirit of the Risen and make us able to love.  This way we may be witnesses of his Easter.

T. Amen.